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High Voltage Transformer Connections

  • High Voltage Transformer Connections High Voltage Transformer Connections

We offer an inductor core material with the highest quality components of electrical and electronic.

Transformers are a key element in the power section. Cenotech Co., Ltd. containing transformers are tailored to the needs of developing technology provider of manufacturing technology and strict quality. In addition to a variety of standard products in the market, we developed a range of products designed to supply required by the customer.
  • In particular is compatible with a variety of products that require a high quality of the vehicle
  • Including LED, a variety of self-control is being used and SMPS transformers and high voltage and Order for the
  • special use We can supply a variety of general-purpose coil.
Products - Custom transformers
  • Optimal design for the required technical specifications
  • Winding, meet a variety of conditions, such as quality core
  • LTE repeater
  • For high voltage transformer
Product - Universal transformers
  • manufacture for the order of off-the-shelf
  • EE type, EFD type, ETD type....