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Automotive Antenna Connector | Ferrite Core Electromagnet

  • Automotive Antenna Connector
  • Automotive Antenna Connector
  • Ferrite Core Electromagnet
  • Ferrite Core Electromagnet

The ferrite core is required for the antenna and transformer production, we can provide it.

The Core product offerings of our company is the first business content and we are able to supply for variety products from customer's needs. We are offering tailored exactly to size, shape, and characteristics as much as customer's requirement. Core products are manufactured in China, local products was equipped with a sufficient price competitiveness and customers can receive a steady supply products that is a direct quality control in Korea.
Ferrite Core Features
  • Characteristics of the core
  • off-the-shelf cores and Special custom-made
Based products
Series of type
  • (1) EE Core
  • (2) EI
  • (3) EC/ER/ETD/ECH
  • (4) EFD/EPC
  • (5) PQ
  • (6) RM
  • (7) EP
  • (8) ET/FT
  • (9) UF/UI/UU
  • (10) C/ H
The core of each material
  • FeZn2, MnZn,
Ordering Products
  • (11) Square Bar Type
  • (12) Etc.
Product Features
  • Custom base Design