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Best Wireless Charging Solution

cenotech Co., Ltd. would try to use competence and experience to serve as the basis for a cleaner planet.

We are committed to lead the market for wireless charging on the basis of the accumulated skills and experience.
By removing the wire for power connection, you can maintain a clean environment and conservation of resources.
  • it is Changing from the inconvenience of wired to wireless for conveniently used.
  • When the power that made wireless, Open the time to go to all that work wirelessly.
The difference of the product
  • Development of efficient priority
  • Develop a multi-function products at a competitive price
  • ANT wireless charging
  • Integrated antenna module of the NFC and WPC standards
  • Best Wireless Charging Solution

  • Transceiver module for wireless charging device
  • Wireless Charging Solution

New development of wireless charging
  • Multiplicity, Multiple wireless charging device (In developing)
  • To develop new markets and new technologies that can enhance the convenience of customers of wireless charging.