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cenotech Co., Ltd. would try to use competence and experience to serve as the basis for a cleaner planet.

The production and supply of high-efficiency inverters for solar green energy source. The technology of solar cells is also important, in addition to technology that is important to have the maximum efficiency. We provide the production of solar and wind power, such as micro-inverter transformer with the highest efficiency in its own green energy source.
Inverter Business
  • The MPPT control is the abbreviation for Maximum Power Point Tracking, It means that the output power of the
  • solar cell which follows the point is to the maximum.
  • PV module's power generation amount is reduced by various causes from dirt, obstructions, shadow, etc.
  • The problem is not only the power generation amount of each one falling, The power generation amount of the
  • PV modules are connected in series also to the entire problem to decrease as well.
  • Thus the micro converter has been developed to derive the maximum power of the PV modules. It is that one micro-
  • converter is installed on one sheet of PV modules. Even if power generation amount is decreased due to various
  • causes, Other PV modules connected in series can be supplied to the maximum power without being affected.
  • A micro converter is, products that maximizes the power output of PV modules by means of improving the power of
  • the entire system.

1. solar / wind generator module Micro-inverter

  • Maximum Output Power: 215W
  • Open Circuit PV Voltage: 53Vdc
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking: 99.5%
  • AC Output Voltage Range
  • 210Vac - 264Vac (230Vac Nom)
  • 90Vac - 140Vac (210Vac Nom)
  • Output TDD : < 5%
  • Output Power Factor : > 0.95
  • Peak Efficiency : 94.5% (230Vac unit - Nominal Conditions)

2. solar module DC/DC converter

  • Input voltage; 15vdc - 44Vdc
  • Output: 12 V or 24V battery
  • Output Current up to 20A
  • Conversion efficiency:> 95%