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Tractor Smart Key

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We provide the technology for the 21st century smart car development.

We offer a smart key for the future of the new heavy equipment agricultural markets. Agricultural machinery development in high-tech can contribute to improve the country's competitiveness
smart key for Tractor only

tractors, necessities of Agricultural. smart security device for your precious tractor

  • vehicle tilt angle measurements for accident prevention, alarm
  • Anti-theft feature
  • Provides ease of use
  • easily configure the connection of the modules using the RS-485 bus

basic smart systems

  • Smart Transponder with the main system
  • Electronic door lock device for door
  • Door open&close sensor
  • soul for alerts

Vehicle tilt sensing via 7 "large screen

  • Large display module, GPS module, smartphone connectivity, telecommunications, surveillance
  • Smartphone APP (free download)

electronic door actuator for tractors

  • Electronic door locks fit on the glass doors of heavy equipment
  • Smart key - Automatic door opening and closing, remote boot control, remote door lock control
  • Switch start-start control according to the haptic switch
  • Door lock - automatic door lock control with manual mode
  • Remote Notification System - an alarm condition notification by registered smartphones
  • Driving information display function - vehicle tilt sensing display